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SALT SPRAY CABINETS are widely used to test components and coated panels for corrosion resistance throughout the automotive, paint, surface coating, chemical, aerospace, electronic, offshore and defence industries. Salt Spray Tests and found in various. forms in many National, lnternational and Corporate Standards, C & W cabinets are designed to meet and exceed these stringent requirements.

British BS 3900 F12 (ISO 7253), BS 3900 F4, BS 5466 Part 1(180 3768), DEF 1053 (Method 24 and 36), BS AU 148 Part 2, DEF 0755, BS 2011, BS 7479 Part 1(180 3768).
American ASTM B117, ASTM B287, ASTM D1735, ASTM G85, MIL STD - 202F, 810E, 883C and 1344A.
German DIN 50.021, DIN 50.907, DIN 40.046.
French NFX 41-002, NFA 91-101
Japanese J.I.S. Z2371
Corporate Standards Include FORD, GENERAL MOTORS, HONDA,JAGUAR, NISSAN, ROVER, TOYOTA, AUDI/VW GM44, VG 95210, VG 95332.

Salt Spray Cabinet SF/450Control Panel SF/450